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We put the pro in PROMOTIONS! Why else would top professional sports teams and organizations come to Nashville, Tennessee, for their retail and promotional products? Why else would the major publishing houses traditionally rely on us to meet their special needs? Why do the world’s most prestigious hotels in Las Vegas rely on us?

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SomethingInked sees the need for corporations and small businesses to promote their services to customers -- and no one delivers a company’s message better than we do. On a t-shirt… on a cap… on an award… on a champagne bottle. Wherever the message works and the customer wants it, we make it happen.

New to the promotions and retail industry? Not by a long shot. Check us out!

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Greenville Road Warriors Hockey Star Wars night... AWESOME! Inky our Octo-press says #GetInked Brand New SI Showroom in our Downtown Nashville office! This little guy rocking his Beat The Heat towel in Sacramento #LongLiveTheKings #ForeverPurple The SomethingInked table at the Tin Roof Nashville. Sexy Santa Oliver, BillF the Elf, Big D the Tchotchke, and Jewdolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. #NaughtyList

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